Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

right now i'm eating a heated subway turkey sub. it's wierd how in cana-der they call the bread either white or dark.

the funny thing was that our flight was for 8 PM not am. so when we arrived at 7:30 in the morning via kenny's rock n roll cab (the cabbie literally had x-mass lights and photos everywhere and free candy) make our way to the checkin thing at LAX i nearly shit a brick. no wait... i did. but the sars-free, asian, potential fayyyg of a counter person thing hooked us up with a flight 15 minutes away. thanks ming... ling, or whatever the fuck....

thanks to the coconuts, they know i OWE them biggtimes style. now i gotta go and meet more ppl...

this whole punching fists thing instead of shaking hands thing isn't going over as well as i hoped. oh well fuck them right?

Saturday, April 26, 2003


raymi is the most constipated person in the world. finally shes crepeing more and

- raymi.

Friday, April 25, 2003

as i am going through boxes of shit i realize that i don't care about anything. it's all trash. i don't need that birth certificate thing, or that pile of old photos. i like throwing things away. it's either move it and store it, or trash it. trashing is by FAR the preference. when i move it's always a circus. i kinda want to take a nose dive on the deposit, and just fuck everything, and in fact... trash the place even worse

why do i move so much? imma born again gypsy

my sister is getting married on cinco de mayo in the vegas (that's the english translation for las vegas) and i won't be there. that sucks for me cuz i have a hard on for vegas like always.

7-11 sucks cuz they don't have shit for decent food. and they try and charge you for an extra cup if you try and use one as a heat buffer. plus there's always cops there late at night.

circle k was/is doper.

things i'll miss are skateboarding, LA gridlock, smog, and yuppies. and the obvious ppl who rule the school

and to whoever thinks i've changed for the worse (she's knows who she is) my reply is: i gotta be me

my neighbors are having a screaming fight, and i wish i could eaves drop on it better.

and who wants my shit? i got nice things, want it? to borrow only... i'm an indian giver. and man, my soon to be ex-landlord is gonna shit bricks when he sees the carpet.... cigarette burns, koolaid, beer, that guy who peed on it, and other stains that can only be cassified as misc

amerik- Uhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

money is such a pain in the ass, man.

my ATM card is totally ghetto and never works anywhere, and when it does work they only let me have $300 of my money a day. i hate my bank. i hate all banks. and i hate checks too.

my credit card rides the short bus. why even have a credit card if your limit is only $500? i wonder that shit all day too... thanks for assfucking my credit dad.

hundred dollar bills, or even fifties, are the worst. how pissed are you that you have REAL CASH, but toxic hell (taco bell) only wants tiny bills. it's like, "man, can't you see i need a taco?" this isn't a want, this is a need.

this all just reminds me how pissed i am at the 24 hour McDonald's for having the breakfast menu up, and for telling me they don't start serving egg Mcmuffins till after 6am or sum shit. whatever, their food tastes like dirt anyways. and jack in the box has killed.

i want a hair cut, but i'm affraid.

then i got this email from rosina...
i read your blog today and can totally relate. i came to spain with $300 cash (for 4 months, right) and a credit card. except the card doesn´t have a pin #, so when i want cash i have to go in the bank and beg for it.... "hi, i have a visa that´s not equipped with ATM. is it possible to take out cash here?". the reply is always the same. "there´s an automatic teller outside". maybe you didn´t fucking hear me the first time, so i repeat. yesterday the same chick that authorized the cash flow the first time i had to take out money was like "we don´t do that here" well you just did it a freaking month ago. "we don´t do it anymore" since when? "since the new year". just how much of an idiot/asshole do you have to be to gety hired as a bank teller anyway? i swear there´s a minimum requirement. so i go to another bank. they don´t do it either. the next bank would be happy to give me the $400 i need, but their system is down. the last one i try has to do it manually by calling fucking timbuktu for an hour and only to tell me that my card has been rejected. i go to the grocery store to buy some food cuz i´m pissed off AND hungry, wait in line, only to have the shit denied. fine just give me the 18 cent water, that, at least i have. but instead of voiding the last bill and charging me for one item, the bitch goes through and eliminates every fucking item one by one until only the water is left. just how much of an idiot/asshole to you have to be to get hired as a grocery store clerk? i swear the world is full of em.

please tell me why it just says shout out, and not how many shout outs like it used to.

visit RN, and his photographer

Monday, April 21, 2003

this guy is the easter bunny of blogworld

why do ppl put so much importance into how someone shakes your hand. there's the real soft wimpy, clammy hands types. the got-something-to-prove, bone crushing grips dudes. wtf?

get a life, losers.

i think shaking hands is gross. i'm not even down for high fives. fuck you... i dunno where YOUR hands have been. if you scratch you balls as often as i do... you don't wanna shake my hand either.

i think the brothers got it down with the whole fist pounding thing. who knew all those bad mutherfuckers are all just germo-phobes?! queers.

Sunday, April 20, 2003



Saturday, April 19, 2003

hotels pools beaches cars retail nicotine CD's baggage
way too long hair and dirty laundry

the plan is in effect, and will executed flawlessly.

we had two dogs when i was a youngster. a shelty named star, and an australian shepard named skrappy. skrappy ran away from our hollywood house like everyday. we'd hunt his ass down, and before we finally moved to the southbay... skrappy ran far enough away that we couldn't find his ass.

star was old as fuck. and never ran away. until after we moved.

dogs are retarded...

Thursday, April 17, 2003

carrie and ginger, my sisters, were in a drug rehab type thing when i was a lot younger.

i had to go to visit them, and i hated it there. it was smelly and creepy, and it took a million years for my parents to drive me there. BOTH my fucking sisters were in there. i had full run of the house, and that was cool. and the visits to the rehab place got to be not so bad. to this day, because of that hospital, i can whup ass on timed chess, "DING... checkmate!"

but the thing i dreaded the most was the NA meetings, and the family meetings. both are meetings where all the families of the patients, and the patients themselves, would sit in a big circle, with some counselor jerk. they would go around the circle, clockwise, and have everyone stand up and introduce themself, and say why they're there. for example, "hi i'm bob, i'm tamieka's dad...." and so on.

i always fucked it up.

i was only in 4th grade at the time, and i'd get really nervous about getting up and stating my name. i'd say the line over and over in my head, trying to practice and NOT fuck it up, but everytime i'd say, "i'm anti, and i'm carrie and ginger's sister", and everyone would laugh at me, and i would feel stupid.

that fuckup was usually the only contribution i had to bring to the meetings, so after a while they stopped making me go with them. shitman.... i hated that place

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

gotta go, visiting hours end at three....

i look older. i've aged. this thing has consumed me, and shit me out onto the couch... coma style. it's survival of the fittest right now... and cream rises to the top type shit.

i can't get sucked in... and i'm being pulled every direction. everyone is a hater, except the non-haters, and everyone has some theory or idea of what the battle-plan should be.

fuck "keeping the faith"... right now it's gotta be, "KNOW the fucking TRUTH!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2003


i never knew it would be like this. the mania is so bad... so real. the hospital will know better than me what to do... but i feel like a betrayer. like it's sabotage.

law enforcement + cuffs + mania + hospital = help? i effing hope so.

i didn't choose it that way though. it chose itself. i can't feel guilty, i should feel pride... pride in the fact that i did my goddamned best. as best as i know how. and fellow friends and loved ones thanks me for my efforts, because the attempt was pure, bold, and sincere.

i want an end to chaos. my personal hell storm is still not over. but i feel like i'm at the end of the tunnel. i hit the eye of the storm, and it fooled me. this time it feels real...

drama be gone.

dot calm....

Sunday, April 13, 2003

"there louder.. fuck that shit..."

sign jobbing in the rain is the shittiest. i straight up highwatered my pants, broke out the three pound mallet, and shoved some human signs onto some street corners. now my whole body reeks like bo, my car is soaked and mud soaked, and my hands and arms are cut to fuck and splinter ridden.

so send all emails regarding east hills mall in fakersfield to me, i have that shit on lock down.
now i have to take a luda-piss. hard to the core. and core to the right.

and my old email accounts are caput. send me shit there, g'head... but i won't read it. i'll pay some sucka top not have to read 'em.

the new is || thank you, drive thru.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

bakersfield is a nice town...
to poop on

that's me and angeluhhhhh from the plane ride back from toront-ho.

she's a cougar.

and if everyone "in the know" knew how hard i'm trying with this shit. they'd gimme the nobel prize for patience. my ears are all, "hey asshole, i quit..."

nuff said

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

i am having a crisis.
my laundry is at an all-time high.

and i have a job in bakerfield this weekend...

ewwwww.... bakersfield...

the things i do for money...

Monday, April 07, 2003

this is hard... i need help...

Saturday, April 05, 2003

this is all suppose to be funny and laughs and smiles, eh? guess who has been laughing in the end.? us. even that guy who i talked to who looked like the spaniard who i letthink won in tyhe end and that blog about him, yah him, i didnt have time to fuck him and yah i wanted to fuck a lot of people. i dont want that anymore. ok i dotn haev time to censor myslef cuz if you kill anti liek i know you want to. raymiloses. raymi and anti sitting in a tree in anti's safe turf hahahahaaaa you "annonymous" fuck hey guess who also registered justifiedparanoia or something like it . net? i cant evene remember my own future business shuit shit. im not drunk im manic. go there. literally the truth will set you free.

anti, we would love to send you home in a bodybag. and we would love to cut off raymi's head fill it with shit covered maggots and then put it on a spike with a sign underneath that says "I AM A SHITHEAD". you could use her nose like a faucet and maggots and pus and blood would pour out. then we would punch her in the face to turn it off. PS - ANTI flew all the way to get sex. with a mutt. that makes him about as cool as the guy who raped Webster (George Poppadopoluos) ' Posted By: Raymi + Anti = Gay Squared

not written out of love for the reason wghy raymi came here. dont fucknig bring hate here you queer. dont act like a fag and make me and us delete shouts outs. lets disenable. i wont bring hate to the one who antiwins. yah. we are not worried. your hate. your fucknig hate. will be subdued. and if you bring it? fuck you. literally. kuz you dont know who you are talking to. yeh thats right, im talking out loud. this is a blessign in dis fucking guise. you queer. you haev been x'ed and until i know every last hater is gone, i will not fucking return to you and either will anti. im not lying anymore. dont make a hacker and all the threats come and get YOU in the3 end. if you email us. we will find you and you betetr fucking hide. raymi doesnt lose. evil loses raymi isnt evil and anti knew me before all of you and the4 blond girl tried to fuck him and raymi threw her slutty ass out. thats one of whats to come. i might just in the end not post this this is a gift. no one knows where i am fuck sars just wait. my words are a gift i dont have to prove anything kuz in reality can fail. who invented it? me. who can be the anti-dote? dot com. in the wend. end. oh yah. those whio dont laugh. with us. that's your fault. go the fuck home. niggetr. nigger. dont act like the ones who act like the things i hate. jthis should be a fucking warning before anyone who cant handle but yah i do own and i hjave all the pro boner lawyers and free advice in the end i need to im too mad to suck anti's cock right now. that's your fault. so i wont let u win. kuz there are other things that brought me here dont fucking assume this is the pain ive been in sicne i was born this was a pre pre pre pre pre warning to what you should have already known. and all this big talk, which i said to \ hmmm im making us too vulnerable tone it down, to what you need right? dont worry ive made this long and im going to ecdit this dont fucking worry thank you

Tuesday, April 01, 2003


you know what?

me niether

all i'm saying is that if/when you sty in a hotel why and if at all would you stay anywhere, but every single second, in the hot tub?! i mean c'MON?!!! effing HOTtub. and that chick in the workout room is gonna have to run a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG ass time if she thinks she can squeeze into a bathing suit that won't make the even most skeeved-out-pervy-perversens of pervs wanna barf.

i mean i wanted to barf...

i'd like to add that the uh... this uhhh... unnamed hotel (cough, cough, ahem.... FUCKfaces...) is such a sucker hotel that they give uss what we want like all day. we just have to trick them into thinking that tyranny is my agent and that i'm bigg-ass-star on daytime television, and that my famous ass isn't havin that...

raymi wasn't lieing when she called him a "mouth piece fo sho"
toronto sucks. but LA, and whoah... LA does too. wierd...


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