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Friday, April 25, 2003

as i am going through boxes of shit i realize that i don't care about anything. it's all trash. i don't need that birth certificate thing, or that pile of old photos. i like throwing things away. it's either move it and store it, or trash it. trashing is by FAR the preference. when i move it's always a circus. i kinda want to take a nose dive on the deposit, and just fuck everything, and in fact... trash the place even worse

why do i move so much? imma born again gypsy

my sister is getting married on cinco de mayo in the vegas (that's the english translation for las vegas) and i won't be there. that sucks for me cuz i have a hard on for vegas like always.

7-11 sucks cuz they don't have shit for decent food. and they try and charge you for an extra cup if you try and use one as a heat buffer. plus there's always cops there late at night.

circle k was/is doper.

things i'll miss are skateboarding, LA gridlock, smog, and yuppies. and the obvious ppl who rule the school

and to whoever thinks i've changed for the worse (she's knows who she is) my reply is: i gotta be me

my neighbors are having a screaming fight, and i wish i could eaves drop on it better.

and who wants my shit? i got nice things, want it? to borrow only... i'm an indian giver. and man, my soon to be ex-landlord is gonna shit bricks when he sees the carpet.... cigarette burns, koolaid, beer, that guy who peed on it, and other stains that can only be cassified as misc

amerik- Uhhhhhhhh

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