Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, June 27, 2003


why you never hit a woman

these pics have nothing to do with my cross country trip.

they're from when raymi and i were in LA cruzing...

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

dude i've got tons of pics from the trip. pics of detroit, vegas, random nebraska and iowa shots, all that and FUCK that trip cross country was crazy. the car didn't stop longer than 15 minutes in between thursday night and saturday night. well except for the vegas part... whitey insisted that he play some rollette(sp?), and he blames me for losing his $65 cuz i was "rushing" him... at least he got a free beer, eh?

there was this other time too were we got caught in this massive free rap concert in detroit (105.9 summer jamz)

the border ppl totally fucked with us too, they brought out the drug-sniffing-dog, and did everything except put their fingers in our assholes, and shit man, we only lucked out that they didn't... one of the customs sluts sorta mentioned it... (scary shit man....)

and to anyone who has never driven 2,500 miles across the U S of A, it's pretty fucking boring... bring a gameboy or some shit.

expect massive amounts of pics from me soon.

Thursday, June 19, 2003


whitey and i shove off like 9 ish. but we made a rule that we're only gonna count time in eastern time zone format, to keep from fucking things up too hard. otherwise the math is like totally ridiculous, cuz we're planning on driving NON stop, except for the old pissin and/or gas thing, or what have you...

you know how we roll..., right?

i'm going first behind the wheel cuz white-trash-ola hates LA traffic. then we're fully wingin it. white-man is a maniac too so this will get very interesting i'm sure. i'll prolly wanna kill him before we even hit denver. he better not bring his guitar, i'll lose my mind.

but for now... the point is...

i'm gonna miss you Los Angeles. bigtime.

Monday, June 16, 2003

father's day at grandpa's....
SO.... i'm going on tour. i'll be all over the states... maybe even in a town near you...

i'm bringing my co-star, whitey. we'll be in my truck, going mach 10, and taking shits in every greasy-spoon-diner, or gas station, or whatever you got. i won't be at this thing, tone-loc's got my back, and jamie appears to be gearing up for his own "jamie does america" tour. i hope him and i get a chance to honk at one another as we haul ass in opposite directions on I-70...

the I-70 goes straight thru junction city, kansas...the I-75 goes thru detrroit, and a bunch of other freeways go thru other obvious places.

whitey and i will be armed with cameras, cell phones, cigarettes, and with any luck whitey will drive more than i will... and i can just get drunk whilst riding shot gun. either way it's going to be fun, because me and whitey are retarded, literally, and retards are always happy and having fun, right?

yesterday, or maybe the day before, some tow truck knocked over a fire hydrant, then these genius surf-dudes were all, "cowa-junga!" as they tried to sit on the urban-geyser, and got shot up pretty high and landed on their necks. but my cam ran out of disk space before that. i have no luck sometimes.

Friday, June 13, 2003

i like choosing ice cream from grandma's house. there's only two flavors, black cherry, and vanilla. too many options can cause too much stress, but not with ice cream, with like...
life decisions.

sometimes i think we just ground ourselves to a place. make ourselves attached with our shitty apartment we're contracted into, our car, job, other shit, and "life" you set up. it makes your choices less than that of a gypsie-dude who can ask himself, "where in the fuck in the world do i wanna be?" and who can literally be able to pick up and go be there.

but gypsies aren't the issue here

all i know right now is that logic kills all paranoia, there's still some cake left over, and whatever/however you are today... it cause YOU chose it that way.
sorry to get so zen.

but i feel like i'm at a crossroads and the hardest part to figure out sometimes is what i want sometimes. everyday is a new day, live in the moment, blah blah ect ect... i keep repeating that over and over, to the beat off anything 'check your head'

and look soon for a new article thing of mine... it'll be anti's guide to being a dirvorced child.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

who the fuck do i have to pay off to get my luggage to come out first on the baggage claim? i mean shit man... mine's always last. but LAX is better than toronto's international airport (YYZ) because you can smoke way sooner.

there i had to wait till after baggage claim (no exits) and then through customs. like, shit, man. fuck.

they said today was the first sunny day in LA in two weeks... maybe it's trying to show me some respect.

LA's cool like that.

and MY TRUCK!! i've missed you my precious...

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

so here i am at someshitbag airport internet access thing, about to catch a flight back to LA.i hate this wanna-be keyboard. thisairport su, andthis keyboard does too. i'm so over fixing typos, so deal, k? k.

i have all this "bizzness" to take care of.andfuck planes.andthis space bar is junk. i'm gona take like a millionbonghits when i;m home. now i have to pisslikearacehorse, ddamn that pint of molsen. and i hope i don't ie on this flight... -anti

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

i'm totally prepared for my birthday this year. it will suck, and i KNOW it...

so now, anything that happens slightly above shitty will be a welcomed surprise. i feel like every other year before this, i expected something cool to happen just because it's my birthday, and it never did. thus leaving me disapointed. but SHIT MAN, how retarded. why would anything cool ever happen? i never do shit for anyone ELSE's birthday, why would they do shit for me? (including family)

birthdays only rule from age ten and below, cuz you're easy to shop for, i guess. so whatever you get, you're stoked on and shit. then it gets to the years were you have to fake being stoked or risk never getting a gift from that uncle or aunt ever again.

i was never good at it.

if a present sucked, the present-giver could always tell. ahh well, if they're presents sucked why WOULD i want another present from them? pffft... they better keep dreaming, man...

the best present you can get?? birthday sex. looking back... the sexless birthdays were always the worst. so maybe i won't do too bad this year afterall.

Monday, June 02, 2003

revenge is useless. they just won. whoever THEY are.

indifference... that wins. getting mad cuz someONE pissed you off means THEY win. they manipulated you into being the adverse affect. they controlled you by pushing your buttons. how powerful does it feel when someone TRIES to push your buttons and they fail? man it's the shit.

the situation i use to illistrate this shit most typically is a driving analogy: being on the highway, someone in another car cuts you off. do you get raged out and psychotic, tailgating them, following them, letting it ruin your day?? no, you lost.

i prefer to be more in control of my emotions. it's beyond difficult to push my buttons. you can flip me off, call me a dipshit, and i'll just shrug my shoulders, carry on, and wonder why you're so obbsessed with me. or you can even cut me off on the highway, and i'll barely notice because i'm too busy picking my nose.

there IS a time and place to react. you can't be wimpy or a doormat... but shit man, pick your battles. and choose wisely. not everything needs to be World War 3.

now some real life to illustrate the issue... one time this beamer asshole cut me off and instead of picking my nose, i chased him, and racked his car with a penny. then he chased me for a while, eventually pinning me in with other traffic, and got out of his car, and proceeded to try and kick my ass. i came out unharmed... but what a waste of my time. or this other time some asian bitch swerved into my lane on some bridge. i chased her to the next red light and threw a full coffee on her car. she then chased me, and when i got to where i was going, i got out the car, and knocked on her rolled up window, asking her to fucking tell me what the fuck she thought she was gonna do. i guess she thought she was gonna call the cops. cuz that's what she did.

so trust me kids... don't sweat the small stuff.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

it's not my fault.
i did all i can do.
i keep telling myself this over and over...

it's hard when you care so much, and maybe i just let things go un-noticed? maybe. maybe it's just more than one person can take care of.

it's scary. the bizzare shit that goes on. but i tried...

and will continue to TRY.

fuck the odds.
human's Will... always wins

except for quitting cigarettes


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