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Monday, June 16, 2003

father's day at grandpa's....
SO.... i'm going on tour. i'll be all over the states... maybe even in a town near you...

i'm bringing my co-star, whitey. we'll be in my truck, going mach 10, and taking shits in every greasy-spoon-diner, or gas station, or whatever you got. i won't be at this thing, tone-loc's got my back, and jamie appears to be gearing up for his own "jamie does america" tour. i hope him and i get a chance to honk at one another as we haul ass in opposite directions on I-70...

the I-70 goes straight thru junction city, kansas...the I-75 goes thru detrroit, and a bunch of other freeways go thru other obvious places.

whitey and i will be armed with cameras, cell phones, cigarettes, and with any luck whitey will drive more than i will... and i can just get drunk whilst riding shot gun. either way it's going to be fun, because me and whitey are retarded, literally, and retards are always happy and having fun, right?

yesterday, or maybe the day before, some tow truck knocked over a fire hydrant, then these genius surf-dudes were all, "cowa-junga!" as they tried to sit on the urban-geyser, and got shot up pretty high and landed on their necks. but my cam ran out of disk space before that. i have no luck sometimes.

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