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Monday, June 02, 2003

revenge is useless. they just won. whoever THEY are.

indifference... that wins. getting mad cuz someONE pissed you off means THEY win. they manipulated you into being the adverse affect. they controlled you by pushing your buttons. how powerful does it feel when someone TRIES to push your buttons and they fail? man it's the shit.

the situation i use to illistrate this shit most typically is a driving analogy: being on the highway, someone in another car cuts you off. do you get raged out and psychotic, tailgating them, following them, letting it ruin your day?? no, you lost.

i prefer to be more in control of my emotions. it's beyond difficult to push my buttons. you can flip me off, call me a dipshit, and i'll just shrug my shoulders, carry on, and wonder why you're so obbsessed with me. or you can even cut me off on the highway, and i'll barely notice because i'm too busy picking my nose.

there IS a time and place to react. you can't be wimpy or a doormat... but shit man, pick your battles. and choose wisely. not everything needs to be World War 3.

now some real life to illustrate the issue... one time this beamer asshole cut me off and instead of picking my nose, i chased him, and racked his car with a penny. then he chased me for a while, eventually pinning me in with other traffic, and got out of his car, and proceeded to try and kick my ass. i came out unharmed... but what a waste of my time. or this other time some asian bitch swerved into my lane on some bridge. i chased her to the next red light and threw a full coffee on her car. she then chased me, and when i got to where i was going, i got out the car, and knocked on her rolled up window, asking her to fucking tell me what the fuck she thought she was gonna do. i guess she thought she was gonna call the cops. cuz that's what she did.

so trust me kids... don't sweat the small stuff.

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