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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

dude i've got tons of pics from the trip. pics of detroit, vegas, random nebraska and iowa shots, all that and FUCK that trip cross country was crazy. the car didn't stop longer than 15 minutes in between thursday night and saturday night. well except for the vegas part... whitey insisted that he play some rollette(sp?), and he blames me for losing his $65 cuz i was "rushing" him... at least he got a free beer, eh?

there was this other time too were we got caught in this massive free rap concert in detroit (105.9 summer jamz)

the border ppl totally fucked with us too, they brought out the drug-sniffing-dog, and did everything except put their fingers in our assholes, and shit man, we only lucked out that they didn't... one of the customs sluts sorta mentioned it... (scary shit man....)

and to anyone who has never driven 2,500 miles across the U S of A, it's pretty fucking boring... bring a gameboy or some shit.

expect massive amounts of pics from me soon.

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