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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, June 13, 2003

i like choosing ice cream from grandma's house. there's only two flavors, black cherry, and vanilla. too many options can cause too much stress, but not with ice cream, with like...
life decisions.

sometimes i think we just ground ourselves to a place. make ourselves attached with our shitty apartment we're contracted into, our car, job, other shit, and "life" you set up. it makes your choices less than that of a gypsie-dude who can ask himself, "where in the fuck in the world do i wanna be?" and who can literally be able to pick up and go be there.

but gypsies aren't the issue here

all i know right now is that logic kills all paranoia, there's still some cake left over, and whatever/however you are today... it cause YOU chose it that way.
sorry to get so zen.

but i feel like i'm at a crossroads and the hardest part to figure out sometimes is what i want sometimes. everyday is a new day, live in the moment, blah blah ect ect... i keep repeating that over and over, to the beat off anything 'check your head'

and look soon for a new article thing of mine... it'll be anti's guide to being a dirvorced child.

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