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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

i'm totally prepared for my birthday this year. it will suck, and i KNOW it...

so now, anything that happens slightly above shitty will be a welcomed surprise. i feel like every other year before this, i expected something cool to happen just because it's my birthday, and it never did. thus leaving me disapointed. but SHIT MAN, how retarded. why would anything cool ever happen? i never do shit for anyone ELSE's birthday, why would they do shit for me? (including family)

birthdays only rule from age ten and below, cuz you're easy to shop for, i guess. so whatever you get, you're stoked on and shit. then it gets to the years were you have to fake being stoked or risk never getting a gift from that uncle or aunt ever again.

i was never good at it.

if a present sucked, the present-giver could always tell. ahh well, if they're presents sucked why WOULD i want another present from them? pffft... they better keep dreaming, man...

the best present you can get?? birthday sex. looking back... the sexless birthdays were always the worst. so maybe i won't do too bad this year afterall.

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