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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

money is such a pain in the ass, man.

my ATM card is totally ghetto and never works anywhere, and when it does work they only let me have $300 of my money a day. i hate my bank. i hate all banks. and i hate checks too.

my credit card rides the short bus. why even have a credit card if your limit is only $500? i wonder that shit all day too... thanks for assfucking my credit dad.

hundred dollar bills, or even fifties, are the worst. how pissed are you that you have REAL CASH, but toxic hell (taco bell) only wants tiny bills. it's like, "man, can't you see i need a taco?" this isn't a want, this is a need.

this all just reminds me how pissed i am at the 24 hour McDonald's for having the breakfast menu up, and for telling me they don't start serving egg Mcmuffins till after 6am or sum shit. whatever, their food tastes like dirt anyways. and jack in the box has killed.

i want a hair cut, but i'm affraid.

then i got this email from rosina...
i read your blog today and can totally relate. i came to spain with $300 cash (for 4 months, right) and a credit card. except the card doesn´t have a pin #, so when i want cash i have to go in the bank and beg for it.... "hi, i have a visa that´s not equipped with ATM. is it possible to take out cash here?". the reply is always the same. "there´s an automatic teller outside". maybe you didn´t fucking hear me the first time, so i repeat. yesterday the same chick that authorized the cash flow the first time i had to take out money was like "we don´t do that here" well you just did it a freaking month ago. "we don´t do it anymore" since when? "since the new year". just how much of an idiot/asshole do you have to be to gety hired as a bank teller anyway? i swear there´s a minimum requirement. so i go to another bank. they don´t do it either. the next bank would be happy to give me the $400 i need, but their system is down. the last one i try has to do it manually by calling fucking timbuktu for an hour and only to tell me that my card has been rejected. i go to the grocery store to buy some food cuz i´m pissed off AND hungry, wait in line, only to have the shit denied. fine just give me the 18 cent water, that, at least i have. but instead of voiding the last bill and charging me for one item, the bitch goes through and eliminates every fucking item one by one until only the water is left. just how much of an idiot/asshole to you have to be to get hired as a grocery store clerk? i swear the world is full of em.

please tell me why it just says shout out, and not how many shout outs like it used to.

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