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Thursday, April 17, 2003

carrie and ginger, my sisters, were in a drug rehab type thing when i was a lot younger.

i had to go to visit them, and i hated it there. it was smelly and creepy, and it took a million years for my parents to drive me there. BOTH my fucking sisters were in there. i had full run of the house, and that was cool. and the visits to the rehab place got to be not so bad. to this day, because of that hospital, i can whup ass on timed chess, "DING... checkmate!"

but the thing i dreaded the most was the NA meetings, and the family meetings. both are meetings where all the families of the patients, and the patients themselves, would sit in a big circle, with some counselor jerk. they would go around the circle, clockwise, and have everyone stand up and introduce themself, and say why they're there. for example, "hi i'm bob, i'm tamieka's dad...." and so on.

i always fucked it up.

i was only in 4th grade at the time, and i'd get really nervous about getting up and stating my name. i'd say the line over and over in my head, trying to practice and NOT fuck it up, but everytime i'd say, "i'm anti, and i'm carrie and ginger's sister", and everyone would laugh at me, and i would feel stupid.

that fuckup was usually the only contribution i had to bring to the meetings, so after a while they stopped making me go with them. shitman.... i hated that place

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