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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

right now i'm eating a heated subway turkey sub. it's wierd how in cana-der they call the bread either white or dark.

the funny thing was that our flight was for 8 PM not am. so when we arrived at 7:30 in the morning via kenny's rock n roll cab (the cabbie literally had x-mass lights and photos everywhere and free candy) make our way to the checkin thing at LAX i nearly shit a brick. no wait... i did. but the sars-free, asian, potential fayyyg of a counter person thing hooked us up with a flight 15 minutes away. thanks ming... ling, or whatever the fuck....

thanks to the coconuts, they know i OWE them biggtimes style. now i gotta go and meet more ppl...

this whole punching fists thing instead of shaking hands thing isn't going over as well as i hoped. oh well fuck them right?

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