Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

anti, we would love to send you home in a bodybag. and we would love to cut off raymi's head fill it with shit covered maggots and then put it on a spike with a sign underneath that says "I AM A SHITHEAD". you could use her nose like a faucet and maggots and pus and blood would pour out. then we would punch her in the face to turn it off. PS - ANTI flew all the way to get sex. with a mutt. that makes him about as cool as the guy who raped Webster (George Poppadopoluos) ' Posted By: Raymi + Anti = Gay Squared

not written out of love for the reason wghy raymi came here. dont fucknig bring hate here you queer. dont act like a fag and make me and us delete shouts outs. lets disenable. i wont bring hate to the one who antiwins. yah. we are not worried. your hate. your fucknig hate. will be subdued. and if you bring it? fuck you. literally. kuz you dont know who you are talking to. yeh thats right, im talking out loud. this is a blessign in dis fucking guise. you queer. you haev been x'ed and until i know every last hater is gone, i will not fucking return to you and either will anti. im not lying anymore. dont make a hacker and all the threats come and get YOU in the3 end. if you email us. we will find you and you betetr fucking hide. raymi doesnt lose. evil loses raymi isnt evil and anti knew me before all of you and the4 blond girl tried to fuck him and raymi threw her slutty ass out. thats one of whats to come. i might just in the end not post this this is a gift. no one knows where i am fuck sars just wait. my words are a gift i dont have to prove anything kuz in reality can fail. who invented it? me. who can be the anti-dote? dot com. in the wend. end. oh yah. those whio dont laugh. with us. that's your fault. go the fuck home. niggetr. nigger. dont act like the ones who act like the things i hate. jthis should be a fucking warning before anyone who cant handle but yah i do own and i hjave all the pro boner lawyers and free advice in the end i need to im too mad to suck anti's cock right now. that's your fault. so i wont let u win. kuz there are other things that brought me here dont fucking assume this is the pain ive been in sicne i was born this was a pre pre pre pre pre warning to what you should have already known. and all this big talk, which i said to \ hmmm im making us too vulnerable tone it down, to what you need right? dont worry ive made this long and im going to ecdit this dont fucking worry thank you

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