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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003


you know what?

me niether

all i'm saying is that if/when you sty in a hotel why and if at all would you stay anywhere, but every single second, in the hot tub?! i mean c'MON?!!! effing HOTtub. and that chick in the workout room is gonna have to run a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG ass time if she thinks she can squeeze into a bathing suit that won't make the even most skeeved-out-pervy-perversens of pervs wanna barf.

i mean i wanted to barf...

i'd like to add that the uh... this uhhh... unnamed hotel (cough, cough, ahem.... FUCKfaces...) is such a sucker hotel that they give uss what we want like all day. we just have to trick them into thinking that tyranny is my agent and that i'm bigg-ass-star on daytime television, and that my famous ass isn't havin that...

raymi wasn't lieing when she called him a "mouth piece fo sho"
toronto sucks. but LA, and whoah... LA does too. wierd...

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