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Thursday, September 01, 2005

zipping along in my truck, i barely notice the people that i cut off, tailgate, or generally inconveniance, because HEY MAN, i go tmy own life to live, and i'm worried about the dipshit who cut ME off.

well today, there was some muscle-faced, meathead who was driving like a tool in his topless Jeep Wrangler.

he was going slow, so i changed lanes to go around him, and of course he sped up to not allow me to pass... So i went behind him, and then he slowed down his car again, and pulled over to the side of the road... because he wanted to spit on my car as i flew by.

of course, i didn't know until i saw him spitting, as i drove by staring with a dirty look on my face.

i was sort of thrown off balance because i couldn't even figure out how i pissed this guy off. normally i know it was the honking of my horn, or the slamming of my brakes, or SOMETHING.

BUT the rad part was really that this idiot had to be the world's stupidest spitter. NORMALLY if/when you spit from car to car, you want to hoark your throat, gather all your phlem and lung butter, and spit a solid heavy wad that will land on the other car and leave a big cigarette-tar stain. BUT THIS GUY, he spit like a girl. he did one of those spits that comes out like a sprinkler spray, and he got spit all over himself and his car.

after i got the News Stand where i was headed to buy a magazine... i looked at my car, and the layers of dirt remained un-spitted on. how did me miss my entire truck?

i wish i was more vengeful, i would have done a Uturn and followed him to where ever he was headed, and after he parked i would buy a SodaPop and hose his topless car down.

i hate yuppies and meatheads. they're SO STUPID.

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