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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, September 05, 2005

the painkillers will grab a hold on me soon, and make me a much more pleasant person to be around. SOON. not yet tho. and until then i squint my eyes, and tighten my lips, and try and squeeze the pain out like a turd.

it's not working.

i have plenty of work to do tonight (still) and because mark is just too crazy/incompetent to have as a helper, i commisioned WHITEY to assist me.

the thing with mark is... you can only help a person SO MUCH, before you realize that they don't want help. THEY SAY THEY DO, but they really want to maintain their dysfunctional situations for whatever reason. with mark... i think the more of a loser he makes himself out to be, the more he "punishes" his parents.

but in the end, who's the winner?? certainly not mark. but this is my job, and i'm tired of asking mark, "why did you make that same mistake AGAIN?!" and his only reply being, "sorry."

but oh well. the good news is that i get a new tattoo on wednesday, and i get to help a friend paint an apartment on tuesday. YAY! i love when my days off are action packed and loaded to the gills with ACTIVITY. i'm never bored that way.

ok, south central here i come.

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