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Monday, September 19, 2005

my dad wrote me a letter, and sent it to my mom's house. included in the letter was a Cashier's Check for $2,000.00 USD (roughly what the laptops he leased on my name cost) here is the letter transcribed:

Dear Johnny,

Here is a check that i realize is a small token toward the greif and misery i caused you by screwing up your credit report and history by using your social security number instead of mine.

Johnny, i failed to protect you, my son, then and even after the fact when you brought it to my attention, i failed you again by not repairing the situation with the laptop leasing company, and the collection agency.

i made a serious mistake that i know caused you greif and harmed yyour good credit standing. i blamed other people for the problem occuring and absolved myself from any wrong doing or responsibility, when it was in fact my fault that it happened at all. i'm so sorry that i didn't fix the problem after you reported it to me.

i have no good excuse or defense for letting you down and hurting you.

this should have never happened to you. as your father i will live with this mistake on my part forever.

Johnny, i truly pray for your forgiveness.

No matter what losses i have incurred in the last few years, the loss of our relationship hurts the most.

Johnny, i love you dearly. I am asking for a chance to earn your trust again and earn your respect again.

i promise you that i will never disappoint you again. my heart is heavy with sadness without you in my life.

i miss you very much, Love dad.

and he puts down his cell phone number. and you want to know what i'm going to do?? i'm going to call him, and i'm going to forgive him, and i'm going to cash this fucking check... maybe i'll buy some stock in Sirius Sattellite with the dough...

and the reason i've chosen to forgive my dad after all these years, is because i've been taught recently the importance of forgiving someone. EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T DESERVE IT.

especially someone you love.

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