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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Look man, no one said life was easy. SO what do you think huffing and puffing is gonna do, except annoy those around you? How would you like it if when YOU NEEDED HELP your friends replied with, "SIGH.... I guess. Ugh."

stop your belly aching and complaining because YES MILK IS SPILLED, all fucking over the place... And complaining doesn't fix a GODDAMNED thing. Be a mover, not a shaker.

be a DO-er. And do it fast, because we're all getting closer to death one second at a time, and soon we will be busy scratching our proverbial ballsack. Because that's true Americana.

part of the science behind a 40 oz. Of malt liquor is... All the beer being on one bottle like that gets warmer faster, requiring the drunk to drink it faster to enjoy the cold refreshing-ness. AND THE RESULT, is that you ingest the beer faster, thusly getting drunker.

I say just use a beer bong, it's faster, and 40 oz bottles are full of gross beer. ew, mickey's.

I think I should become a painter.. And oil based painter? I derno. IN FACT, I may have said this already... Leaving me feeling, like a talker and not a doer. SO, I will go to an art store post haste and whip up something, and see how untalented I REALLY am. Oh hell yeah.

but I might paint something cool, so who knows? The worse case scenario I guess is that I get drunk and paint my carpet. That's not so bad.

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