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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

know your role. just KNOW it, and be it, and do it.

everything in your life holds hands and when there is a dysfunction undealt with... it's the same as leaving an open infested wound on your leg.

your entire life and every aspect of it are connected like a chain link fence, and if you have a whole in your fence malicious spyware could creep in and infect your system.

for instance, if your apartment is a shit hole, and always messy... it reflects disorder in your mind.

or what if you were an upstanding citizen, and a financial SUCCESS, but you seemed to repulse women... you would be empty, and a hooker isn't always fullfilling when it's your only option.

i love everyone, except all of you pinheads.

i will be the first to point out that i haven't a clue about what im talking about half the time. i just get stoned, and try and stay smiling as often as i can, and perhaps that's all i need to know. either way it's very dope to get an email like i got from funky fresh freddy. anytime you wanna meet up man, i'll buy the first round. because fuck it, beer on the pier is what im all about.

god doesn't help those who help themselves. that's just the rich people's way of not feelign bad about stepping over a suffering starving person in need. god helps those who help themselves??? so what then... the helpless are destined to rot in hell?? why would a god create so much humanity and culture just to destroy it for not being "rich enough to leave" i think i feel the ground shaking, and tony pierce is my source for all things katrina. props to you tone-loco.

sometimes in my life, and in my friends lives... good and bad are dealt with equal force. for every raise at work there's more car repair that's needed. if you win a lottery scratcher, that same day you'll get a parking ticket. life just likes balance, or maybe the gods dont want us to ever be too happy, because... i derno. they be crazy.

i set my expectations high for myself, but im prepared for the world to fail me, because it has and it will many times over. all i got is me my hammer and my truck, and im coming swinging/honking/screaming/screeching to an intersection near you soon.

i have to get up now to put out that incense, it's giving me a head ache.

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