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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


it's after 2am and i'm nice and toasty from all the damn booze i have dricking since sundown.

i'd list off the toxins that are making me fels toxy & nice right now, but whats the use? just know that i advocate non-sobriety.

the world's not fucked, just the people running it are, and man... if i was in charge the only people that would be in jail besides violent offenders, are RACISTS. oh yah, sex crime people maybe too.

donald rumsfeld (for those of you that don't know he's the american dude in charge of the military) is worth over 248 million doolars, and i beg to ask this question... HOW different would his life really be if he was worth 148 million dollars instead?? i argue that he would NOT be affected if 100 million of his assets went to NOLA.

the lakerrs kicked up about 100 thousand dollars in donations... and i ask.. "that's all?"

Manny at the bar know our faces and doesn't make up whip out our ID's to proce we are of legal drinking age. i apprecaite shit like that. it makes repeat business to a shitty bar worth it. i'm not looking for much... but a warm smiley face taking my money for over priced booze makes things less repulsive. OH FO SHO.

i trimmed down my pubic because it was getting to look like a jackson 5 afro from 1976. OBVIOUSLY there has got to be nothing MORE VAIN than trimming your own puhbes while you hover over a toilet to catch the clippings. but man... IT LOOKS GREAT, if i wasn't afraid of scary people (aka secret admirers) i would post a picture of how awesome i look wearing nothing but a sweat sock, a la the red hot chilis.

LOOK MAN, despite all the smiles, bong hits, blow jobs (i wish), and days off... I'M JUST as miserable as the next guy. life is hitty, and i'm no saint. I'M just waiting for fate to catch up with me and deal me it's inevitable wrath.


but i've thought about the worse case scenarios... and when it BOILS down to it... i'll be aiight.

listen, i'd love to sit here and dribble on about this that and the other, but i have cigarettes to smoke, and weed to finish off. DIP ME in drawn butter, and dry me off with powdered sugar, because this baby needs his precious blanky. because NO MAN is anyting without his blanky. you better axe some-bawdy.

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