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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

im just a savy traveller, path inhabitor...

life is good when you can pump up the slow jams on your radio, and see the world from behind blue blocker lens on a sunny day, driving under the speed limit and not caring... in fact... wishing that you could go slower. DRAG this shit out.

sometimes when i feel like that i do a few laps around the block just to stay in my car... perhaps there's a badass jam on the radio that i can't give up on yet.


i have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, just like the rest of you. and sometimes it's a draw, or sometimes the angel is whipped and hog tied, but regardless... life's too short not to be barefoot as often as possible. my favorite health teacher from El Camino College taught me that, and i think it's genius.

it's like when i get ready for a long flight on an airplane of a long road trip... i put on my sweat pants and my softest tee shirt because i want to be able to get as comfortable as possible, MAKES SENSE, RIGHT? but i always end up wondering why everyone (including me) doesn't apply this fashion philosophy to everything... like consctruction workers should be all wearing velvet track suits, and orthopedic sandals. Or the heavy set bus driver wearing nothing but his swim trunks. i mean who really cares, as long as the dude's comfy i could give two shits.

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