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Thursday, September 01, 2005


i don't mind taking the long way home, because taking the time to enjoy my drive is priceless.

do you know the feeling you get as you head Due West, and get your first glimpse of the shiney, blindingly brilliant Pacific Ocean. The air is different, your brain lets out steam, and your shoulder muscles let go of all that tension.

GOD DAMN i wish i was out on that oil tanker oat thing, or flying over everything in one of those prop-planes that you can see in the distance.

the palos verdes cliffs, and ventura mountain range cradle your panaromaic view, and make you feel warm and safe here in the los angeles basin.

i don't know how people who live far from the ocean can handle it. maybe THAT'S why so many states in the middle are red. they're red cuz they're PISSED! they need more green, if ya ask me...

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