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Friday, September 09, 2005

hey what's up dudes? i just rolled into the house, getting off a long day of driving my car around, and boy does it feel good to have ripped my shirt off. i somehow picked the shirt with the itchy collar, it was hell. i know... poor me. wahwah.

i'm just now using my feet to slide of my shoes, and using my elongated figer-like toes to peel off the socks. damn man. have i meantioned i love being barefoot yet? i think i have, but it's worth repeating.

dad update: my mother took it upon herself to contact my estranged father and urged him to repair his relationship with his four children. this could get intresting... i'll write about this very selectively, because he might even be reading right now... but i'll say this much, i have a lot of vitrol to spew still. i hope he can handle it.

anyways, it's friday, so go back / jack / do it again.

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