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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


staying alert is key, and everyone is really so self absorbed they dont want to understand me, they just want to see how my actions are relatable to THEIR storyline. Have you ever known that type of person who will TALK YOUR EAR OFF about themselves... but as soon as the conversation shifts to ANYthing else... They become "busy" and suddenly unavailable to talk. "i think I left my stove on, will you wait here while i drive home to check it? Be back in a jiff, I swear."

ummmm, que?

i'm man enough to admit that 99.9% of the time im not listening to people who are talking to me, im singing, "tra la-la-la, la-tee-da..." To myself in my head or im just repeating what I want to say, so that I don't forget it. AND YES THAT IS TRUE, but it's shitty because people are telling me shit I want to know , and so I realize that halfway through, and have to ask them to repeat it all so I can start paying attention from the beginning. YOU GET ME?

it's enough to make a normal and decent person GO MAD. so certainly a lunatic like myself should be well calloused to life in this blood soaked environment. And I AM. in fact I'm blood thirsty, and I like my steak cooked raw, because I want to nearly be able to hear the cow scream in terror. TERRAWRRRRR. mua hahaha.

I like movies with tits, and explosions, and CASUALTIES. I want to feel brutalized and devastated when I leave the theater. (salute to bobby beatoff)

television doesn't suit my needs. I don't have cable. all I can hope for is a blood bath on the highways, and hoping that CBS Chopper 2 (the eye in the sky) is on deck with a camera to watch the pavement turn red. Once upon a time whitey and I were sitting at an intersection deep in the San Fernando Valley at around midnight, when a busted ass Honda comes barreling around the corner, with a cop car on his tail. THEN 14 more cop cars flew by as well. we WERE STOKED, because we didn't see ourselves as coming "too close to a dangerous situation..."

we thought that we had FRONT ROW SEATS to the best show in town. Murder and mayhem, welcome to the City of Angels.

I only like to be taken seriously when i'm being paid to be serious. I'll do nearly anything for the right price (even murder, go ahead and offer me a billion dollars... Shit... if we're talking cash I might do it for a cool mil)

but I don't like being serious, or being taken seriously because life is too short not to laugh and smile and roll on the floor wrapping yourself up in your friends rugs, and running through their apartment complex's screaming "HUMAN BURRITO!!!"

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to just sit there, and read about people going apeshit, while you yourself are working on the dent in your computer chair. Maybe with a thousand more hours of sitting perfectly still in the same place the cushion will be formed PERFECTLY to your ass, because that is obviosuly the most important thing to worry about in life.

when was the last time you went somewhere you are not supposed to go to ALONE??? like Disneyland, or a 5 star restaurant... SHIT MAN they even made batting cages because they figured some shit is best, when its done solo.

why do you think men with healthy and satisfying sex lives still masterbate daily??? It's partly because men are depraved sex starved pigs of human beings, and its partly because we're alone at the time and decided, "why not go full blast?"

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