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Monday, August 15, 2005

new tattoo appoitment tomorrow at 3pm!!!

Mark got fired permanently from the sign business. My boss/cousin caught mark sleeping while he was sposed to be holding a sign. you know mark don't you??? that nut case that has been my sign helper from time to time???

i felt bad for mark, because he is mental, and because he is an old friend of whitey's. THEY went to catholic school together, or some shit. BUT after i talked to whitey, i didnt feel as bad.

whitey said, "hah! that LOSER, i'm so not going to call him."

mark called me the next day and i answered the phone. i told mark that he could prolly get his job back if he wrote the Viking a letter of apology, ect. but man....

i dont think mark wants to write a letter, and i dont think the viking wants to ever see mark's face again. oh well... mark gets money from the US Government, and told me he is considering taking off the next 4 months, and just relaxing. i wish that crazy fucker good luck.

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