Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, August 08, 2005

life RULES. riiiiiiiight. pshhhh.

simpleton is the 30th person to buy my book. 30 is A LOT in the bookselling world. suuuure.

all the answers, they just JUMP out at you. it's ALWAYS easy to know what to do. doubt never clouds your mind. OH NO, not doubt. NEVER.

everyday when you wake up you high five yourself, and say, "YES!!!!" because you are so stoked on your situation, because that's the human experience: nothing but good times. three hundred and sixty FUCKING five days a goddamned year, bitches.

money problems are ALWAYS non-existent, relationships are FOREVER easy to figure out, and good health happens with ZERO effort.

life rules because my upstairs neighbors would NEVER dare to stomp around like goons, and the meter maid turns a blind eye to my illegally parked pickup truck EVERYDAY! did i mention all of life's secrets and answers come with ease? oh suuuuure. totally. yeah fucking right. oh yah, and nobody ever mistakes sarcasm for "being serious". that would never happen, becuase that would mean life DOES suck.

people rule too!!!

people would never dare to cut you off on the freeway and then flip you the middle finger as if it was your fault. that's NEVER happened to me. nevah evah.

people would not DARE apply moral judgement on something that is clearly amoral. like a loaf of bread... or a pair of shoes. or a psychotropic plant. People like to mind their own business, and they NEVER steal my lighter after i let them use it to light their cigarette.

Everyone likes to mind their own business when it comes to religion. i've never been the target of a christian-recruitment campaign. YEAH RIGHT! i swear.

this blog, it's SO intresting. and the writing... it's like fucking top shelf and a half, ya dig? the internet is for winners. i love the police.

comments from strangers are never annoying.

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