Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, August 22, 2005


the internet is strangling me to death. it used to be such a gas. now it just smells that way.

like a fart so hot that it makes the back of your knee caps sweaty.

everyone ran out of shit to say, even the spammers have lost their creative will. Everywhere you go someone is saying the same shit they always say. and you beg to ask yourself, do i really care. and you dont. so you sign onto this cess pool of rejects, freaks, and attention whores... and suddenly you realize that you should have been working harder on your DVD collection, because what good is listening to the weepy emo feelings of some loser from nowhere?

at least the internet gave us free/stolen music. download deez nuts music and film industry.

i feel like i reached the PEAK of what "good" the internet offers years ago. i write a blog, and SOME people like it, and that helped inflate my exxagerated ego. perfect, right? but when does it stop? when does this look at me circus take a sebattical?! pressumably never. cest la vie. be careful what you start, it might never finish.

if there was a need for a stoned southern california blogger, i wore the red cape and blue tights proudly. and no i won't eat a cheese burger with a strawberry poptart, even though it sounds delicious. but i MIGHT dip my rice crispy treat in your split pea soup. sounds gross, but don't knock it until you try it.

but don't try everything. you don't need to be butt fucked to figure out if you're a fag or not. and you don't need to gat a girl pregnant to "try out being a daddy". take your finger OUT of your ear, and put it back in your nose.

religious hypocracy is a fun game i like to play with my friends. but be smart, and stay silent when in mixed company. it's a form of "choosing your battles" and believe me, there is NOTHING to gain from letting a christian dipshit get you all flustered and frustrated.

just close your eyes, stand on a lotus flower, and say "ohm..." because ohm is short for:


right? right.

damn... i'm still not stoned enough yet. what kinda day IS THIS?!?!?!!?

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