Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

in my opinion people blog for all the wrong reasons. they want FAME AND FORTUNE, or at least a shit ton of hits on their statcounter, or a bunch of haloscam comments telling you how great and right you always are. did i forget to mention sexy?

if you are a blogger, the truth is that you are one of MILLIONS who are punching away at the keyboard hoping for a reader to "understand". OR AT LEAST hoping that mom doesn't find the post where you called her a cunt, and admitted to taking it up the ass.

(btw, mom already knows. they know everything dammit)

but you wont get readers or hits on your stat-thingy, or comments in your inbox, or none of that shit unless you are keeping it real.

have a point, do it becuase you love it, enjoy the creative process for what its worth, AND ALWAYS PUSH YOURSELF.

never turn on your TV, because if you are unlucky... you will find a reason to not use your brain for at least 30 minutes. BAD BAD BAD.

a famous graffiti artist once said that you should worry about doing graffiti FIRST, and worry about "being famous" never. you don't go eat at a restaurant because you want to take a shit later. get me?

well, mebbe some people do. but isn't that like totally devoid of enjoying THE MOMENT for what its worth? how do you even know where you are on the map, if you are only staring at the destination???

there's a natural order to things. before you ARRIVE, you have to GET THERE, and getting there is great fucking fun, so stop rushing me.

all the best bloggers in the world would still write and pour their hearts out into their computers if noone was watching. know why? because they can't help it. they never could.

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