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Thursday, August 11, 2005

i was born in a hospital located in a small area of los angeles known as Hollywood, California. we lived in the hills above griffith park in a mansion styled like a meditareanian villa. spanish tile on the roof, the whole nine.

celebrity and celebrities are common place in Los Angeles, and for us hollywood natives... it's yawn-central. i went to school with some so-called "kid stars" and guess what, they were all dicks. just another human being, carbom based life form, LIKE YOU AND ME, only we're not dicks. (not all of us. NOT ME)

in fact, and perhaps there are more people like this than i assume, but *I* would never want to be rich and famous and powerful.

well ok rich and powerful are cool, but only if it was top secret.

and on second thought i dont even want power. power currupts, and even if if didnt currupt me, its too much goddamned responsibility. all i would want is to be secretly, and quietly, FILTHY rich.

but famous has got to be the worst. i mean, not all celebrities are dicks. i shouldn't clobber them all with my generalizations.

i met John Ritter (jack tripper!!!) at an italian restaurant, and he was totally awesome to me. i sat next to John candy at a kings game when i was a kid, he was totally cool too.

funny that they're both dead. shows ya what being nice gets ya...

but i digress. (i dont even know what digress really means) and on that note, its time to smoke more pot and cloud my mind with doubt and confusion, becuase i love it that way.

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