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Monday, August 15, 2005

i like PEOPLE that plan things. it's so far removed from MYSELF and how *I* do things, that i have to admire the ability to sity down and deal with something BEFORE it's breathing down your neck. planning. what a CONCEPT!!!

but at the same time, i pity those poor fools. what the fuck are they wasting time planning for? how can they BE SURE they know what the future holds??? What if, by some twist of fate, things don't go "as planned" and then they are back to square one.

all the planning in the world, all the PREPARING you can think of, will NOT GARANTEE you jack-shit. becuase life is messy, unpredictable, and almost always FUCKED UP.

ME MYSELF AND *I* like to just take it as it comes. throw me a pitch, and i'll do my best to knock it out of the park. all the planning i'll do is RIGHT THEN AND THERE as the baseball hurtles towards me at high speeds.

how sad and pathetic is the guy who dies at an early age with all his money saved in the bank??? think of all the things he could have done with the cash... vacations, fancy dinners, good weed, new clothes, GAMBLING!!!! but nope, he was "planning" on living longer, and "planning" on using the money "wisely"

i dont like to plan, i like to DO. the best way to feed yourself is to decide where you are going AFTER you get in the car and start driving. stop trying to control every situation BEFORE it even happens.

just take life as it comes, and deal with things as they come up. and in the meantime, Eat Drink and have lotsa Orgasms. becuase life is too short not to.

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