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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

i have plenty to do and little to worry about. the dream life.

i think i finally found my calling. it's to just take as many naps as i can, while singing along to every corny song i can think of. shit man, i'd go pro if it paid even a dime.

a little driving on the 405 freeway... some banking here and there. perhaps rent will get paid, ect.

yesterday i did something that hasn't happened in YEARS. i paid my phone bill BEFORE they shut it off. WOW what a difference a day makes.

i got my hair cut for finally today. i can actually SEE the world now that the curtain has been lifted. how nice. Deanna at ultra lux says im her favorite boy customer because i dont give two shits what she does. she could tell me she wants to shave my head, and i'd say, "will the hussy at the front desk fetch me another cup of joe, dammit."

but she doesn't shave heads, and if she did, i'd prolly just shave my own head, because i used to rock a shaved head most of my life.

it's almost 3am, and i am going to hit up the carl's junior, because i love that fucking bbq western chicken shit like nothing else.

the ink on my tattoo is barely set into the skin, its not colored in yet, and im already picking out new tattooes. perhaps i should think "baby steps." ITS JUST that i have all these creepy catholic candles with the best scary religious art. i'm a sucker for a beaten bloody barely alive christ. but hey, who isnt?

with a cigarette in my mouth and resin on my lips, word to the mother ship.

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