Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

this is some old poetry i wrote.

it's never me, it's always you.
it's everything that you do.
it's not being around enough, it's hovering over my head.

it's making the grass look greener everywhere else except inside my head.

it's not never me though, im gliding perfectly and seamlessly... and harmoniously. i am the master of adverbing my way to nirvana.

and i wanna, let you know, im sorry that i cannot be blamed for any and everything. but it's just not me, and i know that it could never be me.

it's the way i slept last night, it's leftover baggage from our last fight.
the check is in the mail, and your ship has sailed.
but it's never me, i never failed.
it was everything else, it was you. it was everything you DIDNT do.

and im stranded, all alone.... my malible tincan heart beaten flat and useless. and its everyone else's fault... because i never took responsibility once, NOT ONCE.

on a new day, TODAY, it's all brand new. and instead of blaming... im thanking you.

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