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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

that's the view from naja's, a bar in the king harbor marina.

a couple of days before my birthday i prepayed dez $10 to cut my hair. she never ended up cutting my hair, but i guess im glad. my hair finally grew out to a point that is not annoying me. but i hope dez doesn't think i forgot about my ten bucks or my over-due haircut... i'm just laying in wait.

the chiropractor said he could tell that my shoulder muscles weren't in spasm as bad as they normally are. could this mean... PROGRESS?! stoked!

the brakes in my truck sound creeky like the floorboards in a haunted house. i'm no car expert, but im banking that it's prolly not a good sign.

sometimes when i go into 7-11, i wonder if the guy behind the counter is thinking i'm a loser for shopping there so often. then i wonder if he is paranoid that i think HE is a loser for working the graveyard shift at a conveniance store. then i buy my cigarettes and ice cream and leave.

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