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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

SO THERE I WAS, chilling out in a white button down linen tee shirt, hiding from the penetrating sun underneath the cover of a straw hat. i loved the feeling of the white sand underneath my feet, although i was there to serve the tourists. this was THEIR vacation, not mine. So i walked with pride carrying the socialites their foo-foo cocktails, and lighting their cigars, and pretending not to notice the trophy wives that would wink and nod at me. The hazzards of being a Benjeman Club Cabana Boy: trophy wives. there was even a section about it in the training manual. i liked my job, so i just smiled and played dumb, and went about my business.

SO THERE I WAS waiting for traffic to fly by, so that i could safely open my car door, and run out to grab some signs from the truck bed. you've got to be fast on your feet when you stop your car in traffic like that, all it takes is ONE idiot, and you and your car are painted against the sidewalk. People usually are a little startled when i come running at them with my sledge hammer, but they just dont realize that i have signs in my other hand. Once this thuggy looking dude from the Watts area told me, "You better watch your ass, jumping and running around like that could get a n**** shot.." i apologized and went about my way. i didn't mean to scare him, nahmean?

SO THERE I WAS standing over colin's coffin, realizing that this was the first time i was face to face with a dead person, and wondering why it had to be my best friend that died. he was wearing a blue suit, his eyes were closed, and his hands (which were crushed in the accident) were hidden behind this bronze medallian looking thing. he was SO white, his skin was as white as milk. i stod there for a second, without emotion, and stared at my dead best friend. i said to myself, "bye colin..." and grabbed my mom's hand, to signal for her to lead me away. that was my first funeral, i was in 1st grade.

SO THERE I WAS on an airplane, and on my way to a city i've never heard of before. bentonville arkansaw, wal-mart global headquarters. it's a small town, the population is 13,000 (7,000 of them are wal mart employees, yikes creepy). The Walton private airport looks more like an air fleet, and the cities airport is dwarfed in comparison. I had a meeting scheduled to secure an account selling walmart (the world's largest retailer) MY companies shevling design. i rented a car from budget, and proceeded to find my shitty motel. i sked the gal running the front desk, "hey toots, whats there to do in these here parts?" and she looked at me with slightly bugged out eyes and said, "umm... in arkansaw?!" and i guess that was enough of an answer. so i didn't hesitate to order the in room porno once i got my shoes off, and the blinds shut.

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