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Thursday, July 21, 2005

so i took a shower just now, hoping the warm water and clean unsticky skin would lull me into a deep coma. ahhh...

no such luck. im wide awake, i feel like i could bust out a marathon, fucking a.

then i made the mistake of spraying my menthol muscle relaxer on my sunburn instead on my aloe. it burnt like hot coals being pressed into your skin.

so now i sit here, clean as a whistle, too tired to go to the 24 hour k-mart, and too awake to fall asleep.

im going to pace my apartment. i would do my laundry, but im sure that's exactly when i would fall asleep and find all my clothes tossed out.

neighbors aren't down for finding your wet laundry in the washer. go figure.

i haven't heard whats up for the signjob this weekend. i hope i have a job someplace. hi viking.

maybe i'll go take a drive to denny's and eat pancakes. that always makes me tired, is it worth getting dressed for? i don't want to be sitting there in denny's realizing that nothing on teh menu is appealing, and trying to figure out an escape plan without the waitress noticing, becuase that would be easier than explaining myself. i hate explaining myself.

sometimes that happens to me when i drive to 7-11. i start walking all three aisles and realize i've eaten everything in the store at least 3 times in the last 6 hours. i guess i just show up out of habbit.

i could take a shot of NyQuil, but i want my sleep to be au natural. nahmean?

fuckit. it's time to break out the green crack.

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