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Monday, July 11, 2005

my truck is in the shop!

and although that is "good" becuase the brakes are so fucked, that im surprised i haven't destroyed my rotors by now... and it needs to get done.

but it's BAD mostly because i have other shit wrong with the truck, and parts can be expensive, which jacks up their estimate.

oh btw, want to hear THE ESTIMATE???

$865.00 USD. (gasp)

that is a tad bit more than i was counting on. and definitely more than i have, but i told them to go ahead and do everything.

it will be ready by 5pm, they said.

so now, i'm finishing off the last of my bonghits, and calling dealer mcdope every hour (and on the half) to see when he will return from las vegas (or to see when he will wake his ass up)

here is a minor list of $$$ i owe to various places:

$ 865.00 to shell gas station.
$ 211.54 to verizon phone company
$ 900.00 to rent for july
$1,100.00 to car insurance
$ 250.00 to Redondo Beach Parking Enforcement.

totals = over $3,300... i owe a lof of people and places some serious cash, eh? not bad for a guy with $134 dollars in his wallet, and $20 in his bank.

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