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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

a little ov today:

get a rusty abandoned shopping cart and fill it with your two months worth of dirty clothes, and drive that beast to the laundry coin-op, using the bottom of your shoes as a brakes.

then fill every available washing machine, and realize you have a shopping cart of clothes that stink gross like your belly button STILL left over. wonderful. at least you have quarters you dipshit.

then go wander around and get stoned, and completely lose track of time, and totally forget about the laundry process... BUT hours later it dawns on you, and you find your clothes sitting damp in a pile on the far table. you want to plot revenge and trash everyone else's laundry process, but then you remember that OTHER people's laundry is almost as nass-tayy as touching your own vile dirty clothes. so you just say fuck it, and grab what you can of your damp pile and try stufing it into a dryer. you dont care if you drop half of it on the dirty floor along the way. that's just how it goes.

once its all dry, you feel kinda retarded for ruining so many different articles of clothing. but oh well... that always seems to happen. thats why you go through clothes so fast.

and what you dont ruin... you lose.

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