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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the last time i saw him, he had so much gel in his hair, and the tightest-shiny shirt i ever saw a heterosexual man wear in my life. in fact, the group was starting to wonder about the constant ambiguity. but seeing him the other day was weird... it caught me off guard. we were even cordial to each others' face... and we each looked back about 20 seconds later at the same exact time and made final eye contact.... like we were both wondering at the same time, "was that for real?" he sure looked different, in fact... i would not have recognized him at all if i wasn't close enough to shake his hand. all scruffed out with an afro, and bare feet. funny how he still had on skin tight clothing, although now instead of prepped out, it was thrift store chic. classy, hahahahaha. thats the thing about small town blues, and no matter how big your town is... NEW YORK CITY to paris, texas... running into certain people is less than pleasant. but i say fuck them, i hope it's harder for them, because it was really no thang for me. i just saw him, said, "oh hey, yo." shook his hand, and split. perhaps he saw me coming and was gonna try and be mr cool, and not say nothing to me. (not that i would have cared either way) it's just funny to look back at a person who i used to be best friends with.... who i used to spend every day in the summer with... the person whom i talked with and confided with FIRST about my parents finally getting divorced... and to now see him and know that he is an enemy to me these day. such is life i spose. it's just trippy.

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