Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

i'm sitting naked in my computer chair, with BOTH of my fans turned on HIGH and pointed at me, but im still hot, and my balls will not stop being sweaty.

it's one of those toss and turn nights, because i've been sleepless since midnight. i blame this all on my day time nap. maybe i should eliminate that nasty habbit... BUT how else do i make the corporate slaves of america jealous?

oh wait... they can sleep too. that's the beauty of owning a car. it's a traveling nap-center. sometimes just getting into a car makes me tired. i am my own pavlovian dog, it's true.

i've got two kinds of very high priced bud. Kush and the Green Crack. it feels like my brain has been replaced with helium, and im thankful for my neck... becuase without it, there's no telling how far into the atmosphere my head would float to

im proud of this pic that i took.

my boy Stern is on the air right now, so fuck the internet. i really need to save or for satellite already. satellite radio... or tattoos?

the choice is clear, fuck a satellite radio. eagle across my chest, HERE I COME! not to mention jesus on my arm, virgin de guadalupe on my back, and bud leaves behind my ears.

oh yah, im gonna come correct.

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