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Monday, July 25, 2005

IM RICH!!! it's true.

these last two weekends, i had to pull double jobs. running two signjobs at once. AND believe me, it's no walk in the park. it truly IS hard-ass work. for example i had a 22 hour work day yesterday. 8am to 5am the next morning. i just woke up an hour ago.

double sign jobs pay double yeah, all those debts i had a couple weeks ago (everything from back rent, to car repair, ALL my parking fines, cell phones, ect) are wiped clean. stress-deleted.

and this is why i lived a charmmed life. i try not to ever worry about things, and as a result, everything sorta just works out in the end. story of my life. IN FACT, the times i've had the most trouble is when i allowed myself to sweat the small shit. it monkey-wrenches the whole fucking program.

i have for you the perfect example to demonstrate my point. have you ever been late to an appointment or a date?? I've noticed that the more you RUSH, and weave in and out of lanes of traffic... THE MORE red lights you will encounter. AND ON THE FLIPSIDE of that coin... if you're eating a chilli burger while you drive, and you're PRAYING for a red light, so that you can stop and finally clean up the pile of steaming hot chilli that fell in your lap. Well My friends, you will not get a red light. Every signal will be green.

that's why you should just be happy that you are a stupid idiot, because the dumbest people live the happiest lives.

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