Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ihave big time exciting news, and i want to keep it secret from my blog... and like, im BAD AT THAT (keeping secrets from my blog) so i've just been avoiding the internet. can you hear me sighing yet? you betcha.

i hope you all watch that video below of mark, and get a taste of the lunacy that is a Sign Job Helper Person. i can't believe the stuff mark says, or the way he thinks. i've never met someone so wrong about so many things. it's nuts really.

but he works hard, and means well. so whatevs.

ok you fucking nimrod dipshits from hell. i just want to let you all know how much i hate you all, and how excited i am about my upcoming stufffff. i'm dying over here, cuz it kills me to omit things from my glob. truly. but in one weeks time it won't be a secret, and the little trolls and maggots can swarm out of their nests and leave me ceremonial comments of reverence and servitude.

i'm starving because i haven't eaten all day, and maybe im just bitter. oh shit... *remembering* i DID eat today. god dammit. this weed is making me hungr-AY. no doubt bout it.

big tanky wants to watch life aquatic again, and im desperate for a dominos pizza (yes i know they suck, but it's twofer tuesday.) and monday needs to hurry its ass up already, luckily i have ANOTHER double job (my third in a row) and im moving from broke, to paid off, to filthy stinking loaded.

but the signs are feat or famine. the famine will come around again. im just glad that we're feasting like romans. more than you can eat is a good thing when you're talking about money. BOO YA.

alright, i must get back to watching one of the ten trillion new DVD's that are littering my shelves.

renting is for ppl with commitment problems. and regular tv is for bitches. the end.

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