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Saturday, July 09, 2005

i sit here nearly an hour before midnight in my usual "im at home" stance. which means i have an unlit cigarette hanging from my mouth, no tee shirt, and greasy strands of hair obscuring my vision.

whitey called me randomly... like i told him, "man, i didn't know you's in town." it turns out that white-boy just got off a long plane ride from pennsylvania, and was hopeing that i would shed light on the question that had been burning at his soul since he landed in the world famous LAX airport.

"who has the kind bud?"

i stared at the ceiling while i searched for names. i was running low on weed too, as it turns out, and well... if whitey is asking ME where to score bud... things must be in bad shape. i suggested we call dealer mcdope, but it was only half suggestion, and the other half was inquirey. i KNEW whitey had a reason why dealer mcdope was not an option.

mcdope's in vegas. ugh.

that's fine for me. what do i care in the end? im UNAFFECTED (yah suuuuuure) really tho, all i have to do is lower the frequency of bonghits, increase the cigarette frequency... and this ship JUST MIGHT stay afloat. lets just say, im not worried because thats why the gods gave us resin

whitey was too full of energy for me because it wasn't long after his bonghit that he bounced off the walls on out the door. he has a 6 hour drive up to santa cruz, and he said he misses his girlfriend. aww. (that fag)

so yah man. a big WOOP TEE DO to sat'nite, because i have to wake up for werkkk tomorrow anyway. i went and got the new chicken western bacon sandwich from carl's junior, i give it an A+. i saw tanky's newly/freshly dyed hair, it looks badical. and in a minute... im gonna go visit 7-11 and see whats crackin. (buy chocolate)

this is all for now.

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