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Friday, July 15, 2005


i have to write this down now, because i won't have time when i wake up in the morning, and shit... i won't remember by then any fucking ways.

what ype of life is this? i sit here and ponder that a lot lately. which typically leads me to wondering why i can't shake the idea of a "type"

every single person can lead a truly unique life. but that's misleading, and a lot of the ego doing the talking, because all that really changes from person to person are the names and faces. but people are the fucking same. ugh, its enough to make me spit up my pizza.

i've been doing a great job on focusing my energy while i sleep. i concentrate on staying in the optimum position, and it's getting less and less difficult to wake up in taht same position. TRAINING yall. i can do it. i believe that it's the little things that are going to save my back from eventual surgery.

i made a new banner, just another day in the barrio. someone walking by told us that all the hub-bub was because some-guy shot some-other-guy 28 times in the chest. Los Angeles is truly one bloody city.

i'm drinking nothing but tap water, and pissing like a race horse. i've been spending money like a valley girl with daddy's credit card, and it needs to cease. you can't live high on the hog without getting bucked back into the mud now and again. my come uppance is due, i'm just lucky it's as easy as set dollar ammount.

i expect everytihng to go wrong while workign the two jobs tomorrow. bell california will be like clockwork, im nt anticipating any curve balls.

but the la puente job that im doing AT THE SAME TIME is gonna fucking-fuck me. i know it. they're gonna bust the banner on me, OR they're gonna stall on the signwalking check. UGH. bastards.

the good news is that i only have about $15 dollars to my name, and i could barely afford to make it until friday (the day my pay check would be ready)

but that day is NOW, basically, and when i wake up, you better believe i'll have east-west-bank on my minddddd.


my eyes are heavy, and my shoulders are hunched in a bad way, so i must resign to making new cigarette burnes in my egg crates while i fall asleep and light myself on fire. but dont worry, your hero will be covered head to toe in icey hot, it's true.

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