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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

hola amigos locos.

you smell that?

WALK TALL. that's todays advice to whom it may concern.

and by walk tall i mean, do everything you do with "UMPH". Put a little FUNK in your junk, and never half step your shit.

don't set your money down on the 7-11 counter, paying for your budweisser. SLAM IT DOWN, and look the arab straight in the face and say, "BOO YA MOTHERFUCKER!!!!"

don't just shake someone's hand when you meet them for the first time. squeeze the shit out of their hand like you are trying to break every fucking bone that you can.

don't stand on the edge of the dance floor, holding your legs still, swaying to the beat. Take your fucking shirt off, get on all fours, and start bucking like a donkey.

i mean it, and im 100% serious. you have GOT to stop pussy footing.

i don't really understand the logic in NOT putting your all into everything you do. why do anything timidly? why not WALK TALL, and hold your head up, and give gangbangers dirty looks, while you break baseball bats over your knees.

talk loud, WRITE HARD, work yourself to death, and party like it's 1999. don't smoke a bong hit.... destroy your fucking lungs.

when i shut a door after entering a room, i fucking slam that shit so hard, it nearly busts off the hinges, and it feels fucking great. go slam a door as hard as you can RIGHT NOW. i don't care if it's 4am and every signle neighbor is gonna wake up and be pissed.

they'll soon realize that a slammed door is the tip of the ice berg.

life is a mosh pit, and we're all just either throwing elbows or standing on the sidelines. who me? im king of the pit.

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