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Thursday, July 28, 2005

for the first time in a LONG TIME, i woke up and remembered my dream from the night before. OF COURSE it was a horrible nightmare that set the mood for a bummer of a day. prior to today... the last time i remembered my dream from the night before was when i was living in canada. That was years ago and, Those dreams were nightmares too.

i spose the lesson learned here, folks: never fall asleep sober enough to remember ANYthing. NEVER EVER.

i guess on the bright side, im up early.

i think the thing i hate about a nightmare THE MOST is: YES you know it was just a dream and has no basis in reality... BUT you still have memories of the dream, no different than memories of real life events.

whats the psychological point of it all? why do we have nightmares? a friend's doctor says we have them because of anxiety...

maybe i am anxious about my secret. even though my dream had nothing to do with mondays upcoming TOP SECRET EVENTS.

i do have some GOOD NEWS to report. i woke up without ANY neck or back pain. im getting good at sleeping in the right positions.

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