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Thursday, July 07, 2005

ficticious conversations:

"um excuse me..."


"just what do you think you're doing?"

"well... what's it LOOK like i'm doing?"

"it looks like you're taking your pants off."

"close. i'm getting naked."

"why are you getting naked."

"i like to be naked."

"look man, i don't like you to be naked, stop ok."

"does it offend you?"

"No, it just makes me a little uncomfortable. look i said put your clothes on."

"see, it's not so bad."

"why do you like to be naked so bad?"

"i just like the freedom of movement, plus... it's hot as fuck out here in the desert."

"true... *dry heat* Pshaw..."

"besides, all you are ever wearing is a bikini."

"fuck you. so are you gonna put your clothes back on or what?"


"can you at least get some napkins to sit on? you're going to skeeve out that chair for chrissakes."

"so we'll call the lobby and get a new room. who cares..."

"this room DOES kinda suck."

"yeah baby, the wall paper is making me fucking sick."

"seriously though, at least put on some boxer shorts. it's just not right to see your john thomas flapping any which way the wind blows it. can't you be decent?"

"fine, i'll put on my drawls. but no talking during NASCAR!"

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