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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ever since i was a little kid i always liked sticking out in a crowd. when i was in 7th grade i dyed my hair green, and my friend andy weiss dyed his hair pink, and with our chain wallets clanking around, we stomped all over our junior high like the self proclaimed bad asses that we were. whitey would recruit me for smoking clove cigarettes behind the science center.

older and wiser, i know that sticking out shouldn't have to be about the way you look... but more about the way you think. be a free spirit. make up your own fucking mind without influence. or when someone challenges and idea or an ideal you have, DONT CAVE IN. be your own man, and then stick to your guns.

what are the signs that somebody is a loser? how about someone that can't see past five seconds into their future? a person who doesn't care enough about the world we live in to read up, and make up their own mind? someone who makes poor choices consistently, over and over again? YEAH those all sound like good places to start.

here's what i think are heroic qualities: sacrificing yourself for the benefit of others. being able to see and BE five steps ahead of everone else. never having an elitist "im better than anyone else" attittude. a person who GOES for they want, and GETS it.

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