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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chest pains are no big deal. To prove it I explode my lung beyond capacity with Expando-Budz that make my bong feel like I'm shooting a hypodermic needle as thick as a beer can into my chest, or like I am impaling myself with a massive chimney stack, and after a few minutes sitting in the fetal position on the floor in front of my fan... i feel so high that i might even forget where i am.

don't youlove that disorietned feeling of having NO CLUE where you are? like when you wake up hung over in some chicks bed, and leave only find that you were in a senior citizen's home. yeah, "one of those" nights. ugh.

my arms and shoulders are doing great. my neck too. ITS A MIRACLE!!!.

or maybe i'm just sleeping smarter, btw, i had my first nightmare in FOREVER, last night. it was horrible.

the last time i remembered any of my dreams (good or bad) was when i was living in canada (aka: america's hat). i mostly never remember dreams, and im pretty pissed that i had to remember a fucking nightmare. in the nightmare there was someone named Ace, and if i ever meet someone named ace in real life, they're gonna get popped in the face. nip that one in the bud before any shit takes flight, get me?

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