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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big tanky mentioned to me recently how she and her NEW boss are annoyed that all the movies that are out, from almost ALL the major motion picture houses, are taken down to the lowest common denominator. i believe she said, "It's like we all have to go the movies and watch some stupid shit that Bobby Beatoff, from middle america, thinks is 'awesome'. He's never seen herbie the VW, it's fucking new to that asswipe. Bewitched is brand new to em too."

it was hard to understand big tanky at first, because my sides were splitting as i laughed at the ficticious name "bobby beatoff". i think that should be my new sign in name on MSN Messenger.

anyways, she went on to point out how movies in the 70's (a la taxi driver, carnal knowledge, anything by Kubrick from that era) were more adult films that didn't place weight on morality. she continued to remind me that the film's ended in often violent horrific ways, and yet STILL let the viewer walk away witht he ability to judge the movie on their own meritts.

i guess my take on walk tanky was tellin me, is that it's just people not wanting to think. it's people wanting to be told, rather than to FIND OUT. it's laziness.

it's fast food drive thru's, 1 hour photo labs, jiffy lube, and every other concept or device which convinces the WORLD that we need to be in this big hurry.

apparently no one has time to read the news paper anymore. i know that it's a RARE day if *I* myself pick up the times, or the daily breeze to see whats cookin. know why?

because everyone loves raymond is on, and it's bland dull comedy style is just dumbed down enough so that i don't have to use one brain cell to sit there and soak it in. ahhhhh....

whats the news gonna do anyways? it just pisses me off. it's not news anyways, they should run a disclaimer under the news, "for entertainment purposes only". i think it's a sad estate of affairs when during times of world crisis (terror attacks in london as an example) you are more likely to find out whats going on over there by using a well worded Technorati search, rather than listening to any major media News cast.

especially since bloggers are ALL gossipy 12 year old girls. but oh well.

but it's true anyways. fantastic four? the pink panther?

did hollywood just give up on new ideas? i mean... for how expensive the theater has become, you'd think they'd at least stop pumping out virtual re-runs.


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