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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

you know all the creature comforts you have in life? all the nice little things that keep you warm and cozy, safe and sound. what about scenarios that are confortable? no one likes an uncomfortable situation, and so we typically tend to avoid anything like that. maintain the status quo! don't make waves! let all the spinning plates continue to balance on you millions of fingertips.

or you could be daring for once in your life and let all those plates come crash and smashing to peices. maybe you couldTRY SOMETHING NEW and make waves, throw the status quo into a spiral. ROCK THE BOAT. the silent wheels never get any extra grease, it's true, only the loud squeaky ones do. if i can convince strangers of my self-importance, maybe u/i'll beleive it one day too.

trying to maintain control over everything is futile. some things are beyond your control, and you will only stop being pained and frsutrated when you finally submit your will. LET GO. you were never hanging on to the steering wheel in the first place, which is why it was frustrating to begin with. taking responsibility and controling your own destiney are of the UPMOST importance, but it's not always an option in every situation. i'd give an example, but if you don't "get me" by now, you never will.

i think happiness is possible. i don't believe in a lot of things, like god, true love, integrity in politics, a peaceful world is possible... BUT i DO believe that a person can learn to be happy with themselves and their lives. It is under-rated how important it is to learn how to live a happy life. mathematics?! science?! i don't understand why it was more important for them to teach me how to read, when being happy is so much more vital.

schools are jacked up, obviously.

i take pleasure in whatever i can. a picture, my skateboard, a funny MCI commercial. whatever. even the most shitty situation is so ri-goddamned-diculous that you can/will be able to turn it into a joke of some kind. it's called not taking things too seriously, because what good did a bunch of serious people ever do? maybe they did SOMEthing... but pffftt... i bet they did it boringly.

it was like this one time that i totally ate shit on my bike. i was like 13, and i was trying to show off and was pumping the pedals all hard, gaining speed, and when i looked back, my bike hit a massive pothole causing me to FLY over the handle bars like superman and crash into a pile of myself. i stood up, cut and bruised, to find all my "pals" pointing and laughing at me. and i was quite offended...

but who was i kidding. it WAS hilarious. and if i could re-write history, i would drag my bloodied self over and laugh along with them. thats what friends are for. it's a sad sad daywhen you lose your ability to laugh at yourself, and it's a brand new world when you learn how to stop taking yourself seriously.

i think it is admirable when someone holds onto a belief system SO MUCH that they aren't willing to even TOLERATE or FATHOM any doubt that they are 100% correct. that is admirable in a way... but psychotoc in so many other ways. i mean, how elitist could anyone really be to not consider that they might be wrong? narrowminded-ness was not the path to true liberty. being able and willing to admit that everything you know and see as real could be proven false or fake is true liberty. you're only free when you realize this. leave your thank you's in the comments below.

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