Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

what do you say to strangers? offer what yo9u trhink is good advice? man all i wish is that i had a jillion dollars, and i woiuld share my love with everyone who was nice to me for even ficve seconds. and i woul dbe elvis of blogs. king for reals.

dj shadow is on the boombox, and im ghetto blasting my brains into good vibrations. good good good, good vibrations.

everyone has issues. i myself go through a major identity crisi at least 4 or 5 times a year. it's only natural, innit? i mean sure some of you are die hard "longest dreds" mohterfuckers, and props to you., waty to be true to your fucking scene you never changing wonderful person. a flip-flipper you are NOT. yay you.

im drunk, and this is MY blog, so typose migjt happent. deal.

and so yea, as i sit here and pick my nose... and let my eyes wander my litte cave that i call home... i just wonder how long will it all last.

are these the salad days? were the salad days long ago?!?!

all i know for serious is that i can make $$. give me a way, and i will show you that im good at it. i take to everything. perhaps there's truth to astrology, and im a die-hard gemeni, with a shit-ton of personalities. o rmebbe im just a psychopath.

god only knows what i'd be with outt youuuuuuuu

so yeah, and thats how it is, and this is how it goes. eat me, or die. your either with me, or you're with the terrorsts. so what izzit, eh?!

i fucking bought a 12-er of budweisser selct, and believe me, there ain't nothing select about it, although it was worth the purchase to have a new stle can with my same old tasting bud innit.

get me?

and to the fucking askers... ask DEEZE NUTZ, because who are you anyways? if i wanted to talk about your petty little questions, i'd have talkt-it. you follow?

this is my time to shine. i'm taking a retirement prior to my work-to-death carreerr in someting retarded happens. for all i know im gonna be hit by a bus or a drunk driver, and do i want to be a little angel i the sky, floating there with my harp and my halo thinking... "damn you fool, you should not have saved all that $$, and pincjed every penny, and wussed out on every risk, and taken life for granted.... NOW whatchu got, EH??? EHH BUDDY?!?!?!"

even tho im an atheist and i dont beleive in angels. except for the los angeles angels of anahiiem. (bite me you dodger lew-zers)

i have a glow in the dark buddha figurine, and a full bottle of off-brand icey-hot, and you know what that means... MORE BEER!!!

so with a bong hit in your face, and my hair all slicked back like the WOP that i am...

suck it, i'm out.

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